Discover Your Unique Value and Develop the
Confidence to Create a Fulfilling Careerr

Imagine being sought out at work for your valuable expertise, or hearing about an  opportunity that really excites you and being confident to put yourself forward. Not  only that, rather than waiting for people to notice you, you speak up because you  know you are capable.

Our course guides you  through a powerful framework that identifies your unique value so that you can  confidently demonstrate your worth to employers and clients. This unique approach  puts YOU in control and in the driving seat.

Innovate Your Career Workshops

Innovate Your Career is a transformative and action-focused one-day workshop for people who want to accelerate their path towards an impactful and fulfilling career. This is for people who are prepared to explore their inner world so they can grow their outer world. The transformative tools remain with you long after the workshop, so you can smash through what is holding you back from taking the next step in your professional life ... as well as in your personal life!

Participants from Innovate Your Career workshops are welcomed into an accountable private Facebook group to continue the journey towards their goals in a safe and supportive environment.

Ignite Your Career Individual and Group Coaching

As leadership and career coaches, we want you to wake up every day knowing that you have the inner resources to live your potential, and your most fulfilled and meaningful life. A common mistake people make is to think that they shouldn’t need help. This belief keeps people from moving forward and is the difference between people who reach their goals quickly and those who stay stuck.

The journey towards living your potential and purpose is not always easy, otherwise everybody would be doing it! Our transformative coaching programs are for people who are not prepared to accept their status quo any longer, or inadvertently let unhelpful patterns or beliefs hold them back from achieving their dreams.

We know with 100% conviction that if you’re prepared to challenge your way of thinking with the right tools and support, then you can transform your life!

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