Our Story

Sundial Innovation is a boutique career and leadership coaching firm that can help you reach your potential and accelerate your path to a fulfilling and impactful career.

Co-founders Nicki Ursu and Alison Saunders are insightful and empathetic career and leadership coaches. They work with individuals who know that something needs to change (most likely their approach!) and are feeling stuck, burnt out, or at a crossroads with their career.

Nicki and Alison draw on real-life experiences and stories to connect people with what’s possible. They have an unwavering belief that we all have untapped potential and wisdom that we can transform into our own powerful and unique vision. Together, Nicki and Alison present a resourceful mix of complementary skills and experiences to create a transformative and engaging approach.

With their expert guidance, you’ll develop the confidence to break through career stumbling blocks, discover untapped potential, and connect to your purpose. By working with Sundial Innovation, you can discover the freedom that comes from turning your career vision into reality.

Nicki's Story

Nicki is an experienced human resources professional who has coached people from all levels and backgrounds to achieve their career goals. Her focus is on helping you uncover what drives and motivates you, so you can overcome stumbling blocks and implement high-value career strategies that will enable you to step up and land your ideal job or plan a career change.

Nicki has an extensive background in leadership within the health sector and is not your typical career and leadership coach. She employs transformational strategies to help you step up as a leader and move out of a cycle of indecision and towards your ideal job.

When Nicki is not working with individuals and groups, you can find her snoozing with her moodle, meditating, devouring books, cooking up a storm, or camping with her partner and their two daughters in their camper-trailer along the Murray River. She remains deeply connected with her late father, whose parting words were “If I had to do my job again, I wouldn't change a thing.” Nicki uses these powerful words to guide herself and others towards their true potential and purpose.

Alison's Story

Alison is a highly skilled asset management expert, facilitator and change management professional, as well as a leading expert in systems and process improvement. These skills enable Alison to skilfully guide you through processes to discover your own unique and achievable career map and outcomes.

Alison has explored a number of industries throughout her career, utilising skills learned in each industry to expand her knowledge and growth as a leader. From retail, accounting, hospitality, cruise industry, shipbuilding, civil engineering, IT, local government, project management and now consulting and coaching, Alison brings a breadth of understanding of team management, leadership and career development to help you grow your career.

Alison’s passion is travel and she is often seen in out-of-the way places in her campervan, discovering the beauty of Australia. She loves combining her passion for career coaching with her love of travel and exploration. Often the background to a strategy or coaching call will be a beautiful cove, park or river that she has found along the way.

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